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Broadband Network Research Room

The laboratories provide versatile research environment for performing experiments on the field of electronics and information technology and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities .The laboratories are available to the students may work on assignments and researching projects of the faculty and the graduate students.

Broadband Network Research Room


This Lab. has two advisors to teach graduate students how to do research. Currently, this Lab. focuses on research areas as follows.

  1. MAC layer access technology for broadband networks, e.g., QoS, schedule, power conservation, and routing.
  2. Protocol engineering is supposed to tech graduate students how to design and implement experimental or Internet protocols, e.g. ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, and DHCP.
  3. Network systems focuses on designing and implementing experimental or Internet systems, e.g. NAT, firewall, SIP network, Mobile IP system, NAT traversal system, active network system.
  4. Distributed parallel processing is technology capable of utilizing computers distributed over networks and carrying out various related applications. Distributed parallel processing focuses on research such as multi-thread processing, multi-core CPU/GPU computing, Grid computing, and Cloud computing.

Besides, this Lab. trains graduate students to have network/system knowledge and skills. Accordingly, this Lab. makes graduate students become experts that either are qualified as network communication and distributed processing masters in the academic area or are appreciated by industry employers for the well abilities of network system design and implementation.