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VLSI/CAD Laboratory

The laboratories provide versatile research environment for performing experiments on the field of electronics and information technology and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities .

The laboratories are available to the students may work on assignments and researching projects of the faculty and the graduate students.

The lab was planned and established inconsideration of the world's trend of microelectronic technology and the department's faculty resources, software and hardware teaching environment, and aims at cultivating technologists in VLSI design and system design. The lab is armed with enough high-efficiency computers, workstations and a wide variety of EDA software (CIC-purchased, self-purchased or factory-sponsored software), as well as relating facilities in IC recording (or burning), fundamentals and multiple measurement. Students and teachers may apply these EDA tools in circuit design and simulation, IC burning and PCB production, testing circuits and systems, validating functions and specifications. See the following list for major instrumentations.

  1. 10 high-efficiency Unix workstations.
  2. 38 high-efficiency PCs.
  3. High-speed network environment-software License Server and Network File Server (NFS).
  4. Single beam projector and broadcast teaching system.
  5. A wide variety of EDA station software, such as Cadenc e and Hspice .
  6. A wide variety of EDA PC software, such as Tanner , Altera and Xilinx . 

VLSI/CAD Laboratory picture

VLSI/CAD Laboratory computer