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Single Chip Microcomputer Laboratory

The laboratories provide versatile research environment for performing experiments on the field of electronics and information technology and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities .

The laboratories are available to the students may work on assignments and researching projects of the faculty and the graduate students.

  1. Features: cultivate technologists in miscompute software, hardware and systems.
  2. Key development
    • Production program with combined knowledge of microcomputer communication and machinery, such as radio overhead traveling crane remote control system.
    • Application of microcomputers in industrial control and factory automation, such as electroplating crane automation system.
    • Application of microcomputers in innovation and production of electronic products.
    • Application of microcomputers in automatic test.
    • Major equipment: ICE simulator, universal device programmer, oscilloscope. Signal generator, power supplier, computer, etc.
    • Applicable in causes including microcomputer practice, electronics practice, production project, program design and computer network.
  3. Instrumentation:
    • 33 computers :Pentium 4
    • 33 oscilloscopes
    • 32 ICE simulators
    • 32 power suppliers
    • 12 universal device programmers
    • 32 signal generators
    • Network broadcast teaching system
    • 4 printers

Single Chip Microcomputer Laboratory Device photo

Single Chip Microcomputer Laboratory pDevice photo with computer